Ohio Legal Malpractice Book

Legal Malpractice Book


We wrote the book on legal malpractice in Ohio to help people just like you learn more about this topic and understand if they may have a legal malpractice case worth pursuing. Here’s an overview of the information that can be found in this useful book:
Chapter 1 – What is Legal Malpractice?
Chapter 2 – Examples of Legal Malpractice
Chapter 3– What Does Not Constitute Legal Malpractice?
Chapter 4 – How Can You Prove Legal Malpractice?
Chapter 5 – Damages Recoverable in Legal Malpractice
Chapter 6 – Legal Malpractice Statute of Limitations
Chapter 7 – Questions to Ask Yourself Before Filing a Legal Malpractice Claim
Chapter 8 – How Do I File a Legal Malpractice Case?
Chapter 9 – What Type of Legal Malpractice is Most Common?
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